New Homes in Tengah Town Attract More Investors Due to Smart Features

A smart town is one that has features that can attract more investors to invest in real estate, and Tengah is no different. Its town centre is a pedestrian-friendly area with a Forest corridor, and it also has a car-free zone. The new town will have 42,000 new homes, including 30,000 public and 12,000 private units. The first public flats will be launched in 2018. The town will be filled with greenery, including a large central park, dedicated walking paths, and community farmways. The new town centre will be set in parkland, and will be close to the Tengah military airbase.

A landmark development in the heart of Tengah Town, New Port Residences EC is located within easy reach of the city centre and major transportation hubs. Located on the town centre parkland, this project features smart facilities such as integrated community facilities, schools, and shopping malls. The project is connected to various public transport nodes, and is close to local parks and eateries.

The Master Plan for Tengah Town includes eco-friendly features, smart transportation, and a sports hub. It will also feature a new generation of HDB neighbourhood centres with advanced facilities and essential services. Smart water systems and smart farming are also among the features planned for Tengah Town. In addition, the project will include a new forest corridor, an eco-trail, and dedicated farming and gardening areas.

The MRT station is located nearby, ensuring quick access to the city center. Tengah also features wide cycling paths and is close to the Jurong Lake District and Taurus Properties business development. The smart features of Tengah Town will ensure that the area remains a desirable place to live. Moreover, residents can take advantage of smart features like a bus interchange and green spaces to improve their quality of life.

Smart amenities like an underground bus interchange and public transport hub will make life easier for residents. The town centre will also be car-free in the future. There will be a polyclinic and community club. In addition, 12 parcels of land will be set aside for educational institutions. Smart features such as these will attract more investors to Tengah Town. In addition to smart features, Tengah Town is also equipped with green roofs and rainwater collection system.

The upcoming forest corridor in new homes in Tengah town is a landmark development that will feature luxurious facilities, generous landscaping, and convenient amenities for residents. When completed, it will accommodate 42,000 new residents and will include a proposed polyclinic, sports complex, and bus interchange. The development will be just a 10-minute walk from existing primary schools, and there are ample public transportation options nearby.

The current plan for the development of Tengah forest town only maintains about ten percent of the 700-hectare forest, which could wipe out half of the species. The remaining 20 percent of the land will be used for green spaces, but replanted young trees cannot replace the secondary forest, which is essential for biodiversity and ecosystem services. As a result, the development will benefit both human and environmental health. Moreover, the plan could also save billions of dollars in public funds and household expenses.

The new town has many perks for investors. The development is located next to a thriving central park and has easy access to public transport. It is also near established schools and will appeal to families with children. Furthermore, the upcoming Tengah transformation project near the EC will see the launch of thousands of new HDB BTO flats over several months. This development will include a 100-m-long forest corridor, dedicated bicycle paths, and a vibrant central park.

The Reserve Residences is part of the GLS and is scheduled to be completed in 2022. It is a mixed-use development that will have a perfect mix of retail and office space, and will be priced competitively with nearby condominiums. The winning bidder has not yet been disclosed, but it is expected to cost close to $1 billion. If the Reserve Residences project is successful, it will be the first integrated development in the north-east of Singapore.

Pedestrian-friendly new homes in the vicinity of the Tengah MRT Station and the planned car-lite town centre are key features of Tengah’s future developments. The area will soon become a pedestrian-friendly neighbourhood with four MRT stations and an underground road. Future developments will also include a polyclinic and bus interchange. During the initial launch period, these units are only available to Singapore residents. In the future, this is expected to attract job seekers and permanent residents.

Developers will offer more amenities at Tengah Town to ensure a quality and pleasant living experience for residents. The project will also feature dedicated cycling and walking paths. Furthermore, the project’s design will make it a pedestrian-friendly neighbourhood with a mix of residential and commercial elements. The development will also have a town centre that is connected to public transportation through underground tunnels.

In addition to smart features, this development is eco-friendly. It will feature smart energy management and lighting. It will also feature smart facilities for garbage collection. Residents will also be able to enjoy free parking and public transport. The sustainable features of these new homes will be a huge plus for residents and investors. However, the project’s green features will need to be implemented to ensure that the new developments are environmentally-friendly.

Another smart feature of these new homes in Tengah Town is the proximity to schools. Residents of Tengah Garden Walk EC will have convenient access to Shuqun Primary School and Princess Elizabeth Primary School. Moreover, the area is also located near the recently opened Tengah MRT Station. The EC site also features many cycling paths that connect to other parts of the city.

Singapore’s Minister for National Development has unveiled the masterplan for Tengah HDB town to raise the bar for public housing in Singapore. The town will be made up of five distinct districts focusing on social and environmental factors. It will also be car-free, with automated waste collection. It will also be near the Jurong Lake District, which is being planned as the next Central Business District in Singapore.

The development will be home to a number of green features, including parks and playgrounds. It will also have a car-free town centre and a variety of recreational activities for residents to enjoy. The town’s location will allow residents to easily commute to the city center while still enjoying peace and quiet. The development is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2019.

Tengah EC is expected to be completed by 2022. The project will consist of 12 blocks, each up to fourteen storeys. Located close to three MRT stations, this town centre will be close to major transportation links such as the Pan Island Expressway, Kranji Expressway, and the Central Business District. The new town centre will also feature a centralized cooling system and a wide range of restaurants.

The development of Tengah Town will be guided by six key ideas. It will be an eco-town that integrates biodiversity into its design. It will have a 100-metre-wide forest corridor, and will be planted with rainforest trees, hiking trails, and more. In addition, the town will be within walking distance of three MRT stations. And, it will be near the future Jurong Innovation District, which will house advanced manufacturing.

This eco-friendly town in District 24 is a prime choice for those who want to live in a green environment. The town is within a short drive of several greeneries and recreational facilities. It is also near the Jurong Innovation District, the second largest central business district outside of the city centre. The green belt surrounding the development will provide an oasis for families.

The central part of Tengah town will have 20 hectares of Central Park, a community farm way and a Chinese language school. The town centre will also be car-free and feature a community farm. There will be no need to drive to and from the development as it will be served by an MRT station in the near future. Aside from being green, tenants will also be able to enjoy the benefits of car-free living.

The town has undergone computer simulations to design and develop its smart features. This includes an Energy Management System that will collect data from different platforms and enable better energy management. The trial is expected to last a year, and will help improve energy management and save costs. Further, it will also help residents monitor their energy, water and environmental footprint. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The first phase of the project, called Tengah Estate, is a 2.2-hectare site. It will feature 615 units across 22 thousand square meters. It is near a proposed car-free town centre and three future MRT stations on the Jurong Region Line. The project is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2022. It is expected to serve as an eco-friendly model for future estates.

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